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How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind With Your Own Voice


To change the results in your physical world, first you must change the results in your internal world. That’s why todays topic is going to show you how to reprogram your subconscious mind with your own voice.

Subconscious vs conscious mind

The subconscious mind:

  • is the emotional mind.
  • It has no ability to reject any idea that is planted in there with emotion.
  • Is where our programming is stored - habits, beliefs, paradigms. (Think about brushing your teeth or the journey you take to work each day. They require little thought, because you’ve done them so many times)

The conscious mind:

  • This is our intellectual mind
  • Uses the senses
  • Can accept or reject an idea
  • Responsible for our present moment decisions

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If you want to master your mindset, I would highly recommend checking out a program from a mentor of mine, Bob Proctor. The program helps you to master your mental faculties of your conscious mind. You can check out Magic in Your Mind here.

You must access the subconscious mind to create lasting change

Most of the results that you want in your life will not stick, unless you change the programming.

That’s why simply saying, “I’m going to start working out next week” doesn’t always work. It requires change on a deeper, emotional level.

Let’s work on the following premise.

The results in your life are based on the actions you take.

The actions you take are based on the emotions you feel.

The emotions you feel are based on the thoughts you think.

And your beliefs, which dictate your life, are just a series of repetitive thought patterns that you have become emotionally involved in, over a period of time.

Your beliefs are key

Your belief patterns have been created at various stages throughout your life. And none more so than in your early years of life and childhood. They ultimately control your life.

Your limiting beliefs may have come from:

  • Early childhood memories
  • Influence from your parents or authoritative figures
  • Traumas
  • External influences on TV, friends, etc.

Limiting belief patterns will keep you stuck in certain areas of your life, just as easily as positive belief patterns will create positive results in your life.

(If you’d like to start changing your limiting beliefs, you can download this free belief blueprint that I created to help you with the process.)

How to reprogram your subconscious mind with your own voice

1. Create your own audio affirmations

This is a powerful way for you to reprogram your subconscious mind, using the power of your own voice. And I have made a tutorial on how exactly you can do this. You can check that out here. In another post, I share a tutorial on how to create your own audio affirmations.

2. Writing affirmations or journaling on them

This is another powerful way to get out the positive thoughts onto paper, using your own words. You can then read over them by adding emotion and even listening to some empowering music with them.

(Check out Better life journal)

How to reach your subconscious mind while awake

Generally speaking, this works best in a sleepy state, such as first thing in the morning, or just before you sleep at night.

However, there are ways you can get into those brainwave states during the daytime. One of the best methods to do this is through meditation. The image below shows you the different brainwave states.

We’re aiming for Theta and Beta brainwave states.

muse headband

If you struggle with this, I’d recommend using a product like the Muse Headband to help you out. It also gives you feedback to show how well you’re doing, and the brainwave states you’re in. This is super helpful to gradually guide you to better meditations.

Subconscious mind and repetition

The key to make this work long term is to follow the above guidelines frequently. Repetition is one of the simplest ways to reprogram your subconscious mind. And remember what we said about a belief? It’s just a thought that you keep thinking.

Using this information, begin to reprogram your subconscious mind through creating powerful affirmations, new positive beliefs, and allowing yourself the time and space to relax.

Get a head start by using my free belief blueprint exercise.

To reprogram your subconscious mind with your own voice, you can:

1. Record your own voice and listen to it daily

2. Affirm through speaking

3. Write empowering statements and read them aloud


How long does it take to reprogram your subconscious mind?

The length of time it takes to rewire your subconscious mind can change depending on a number of variables, including how strong your limiting beliefs are, how committed you are, and how consistently you engage in your daily practice. According to some experts, it could take at least 21 to 30 days of regular practice to start noticing results. Others, however, contend that it may take as long as 90 days or more for new, constructive beliefs to fully take root in the subconscious. The most crucial thing to keep in mind is to be persistent, patient, and consistent in your efforts to rewire your subconscious. You can gradually replace old, limiting beliefs with new, empowering ones by committing to a daily practice of affirmations, visualization, and other techniques.

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