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Bob Proctor Tribute – 15 Life Lessons From Bob Proctor



Today I wanted to pay tribute to the legend, Bob Proctor. Many of you will know that Bob passed away recently. And although there is natural sadness to this, I wanted to pay tribute to him by sharing 15 life lessons that Bob taught me.

I know that there is tremendous value in his wisdom and I can personally say that he has helped me to transform my entire life.

Video Version:

1. If you can see it in your mind, you can hold it in your hands.

This is probably the number one quote that has stuck with me from Bob. The idea is that, whatever we can create through our imagination, the physical form of that is possible because it already exists.

Bob was the person who taught me about Wallace D. Wattles famous book - The Science of Getting Rich. In this book, Wattles refers to “a thinking stuff from which all things are made.” This is consistent with the work that Bob teaches and shared so often.

This truly gives you a feeling of power in your life, knowing that wherever you’re currently at, it can all change.

All things that have been created were originally created through visualization in the mind of an individual first.

2. Create a vision for your life

Without a vision, your life will be left to chance. We can create in our mind, the ideal life that we want. When we have clarity, we can begin to take the necessary action to get there. But it must start with a vision.

Read: How to Create a Big Vision For Your Life

3. Find your purpose

bob proctor

“You find out what you love to do and then dedicate your life to it.”

- Bob Proctor

Bob suggests that many people get this all mixed up. They may say that they love to paint or to play music, but believe they can’t earn money doing so.

This limiting belief results in people not going after what they truly want, working in a job they hate.

Change your limiting beliefs with my free belief worksheet.

4. Working is the worst way to earn money

Money and purpose are different matters. Money is earned through universal laws, by providing service. You can provide service without your direct time. Setting up multiple sources of income. This allows you to earn money while you sleep.

I have personally earned thousands of dollars of passive income through different sources and business models. If you’re interested in learning about this, let me know in the comments. I’ll also share some links below where you can find more information on this.

5. Study every day

The goal is to increase your conscious awareness. This happens through study. Bob would always say that a person doesn’t earn $50,000 per year because they want to. It’s because they aren’t aware of how to earn $50,000 a month.

Bob taught me the 7 levels of awareness that I spoke about in a previous video.

Awareness will increase one’s ability to be more, do more, and have more of the finest things in life. Studying is the best way to do this.

This helped me tremendously on my journey with confidence, mindset, my ability to earn extra income. I’d recommend checking out some of Bob’s programs. I’ll leave a link below.

6. The only thing that matters is your desire for something

Most of the time, people fail before they’ve even begun. People start to think of all the reasons why they can’t do something and what might go wrong.

“I don’t have enough money”

“I don’t have the experience or knowledge”

“I have never done that before.”

The only thing that you need to know is that you want something. Desire is the first piece of this. Have faith in what you want and step forward. The way shall be revealed.

7. Make decisions

And this is the power of making a decision and acting. Quit with overthinking and analyzing all the ifs, buts, and maybes. Make a decision and commit to it. You can always make a new decision, if necessary, but don’t reframe from not doing anything.

Napoleon Hill wrote an entire chapter on decision in his famous book Think and Grow Rich. This is the book that Bob read every day.

Bob Proctor's Books


8. Paradigms

A paradigm is a multitude of habits. It’s essentially an unconscious program that controls our behaviours.

Paradigms are responsible for those times when we know what to do but we don’t do it. They don’t want to be changed.

The key is to get into the subconscious and override those old programs. Eliminate the past beliefs, get emotionally involved with a new idea, and use the power of repetition.

Bob Proctor did a live event called The Paradigm Shift.

9. The power of repetition

Repetition is something that I learned very early on with Bob. I used to think that he repeated much of what he was saying. But then I discovered that it was one of the major keys for breaking a paradigm. Maxwell Maltz also refers to this in his book Psycho-Cybernetics.

Part of this is down to the fact that our minds will wander when we get new information. We then miss certain parts. If we go through it again, the chances are we wouldn’t miss that exact part. Additionally, we have had years of conditioning and programming. Your belief is unlikely to get changed from one take. It takes time.

Bob always said to me to go over thing’s multiple times. Read book chapters every day for 90 days or so.

“If you read a book for the second time, you don’t see something in it you didn’t see before, you see something in yourself that wasn’t there before.”

10. Set BIG goals (Type C)

Types of goals graphic image

We must have a clear aim and direction in life otherwise it’ll be left to chance. A type C goal is considered to be a goal that is something big, something that excites you, and something that you don’t know how to achieve.

(Why not get yourself a Self Planner?

11. Respect the universal laws

Bob introduced me to many of the universal laws, especially around increasing your income and improving your life.

He said that the Law of Compensation states that the amount of money or good you receive in life is going to be in direct ratio with these three things:

1. The need for what you do.

2. Your ability to do it.

3. The difficulty there will be in replacing you.

He also taught me about the law of attraction and the law of vibration. All of these lessons have been profound and had a significant impact.

12. Everyone is born rich

Bob has a famous book called You Were Born Rich. And he doesn’t mean you have dollar bills everywhere you go. He suggests that all of us are born with a richness of potential and the ability to earn and create the life that we want. This is something available to all of us regardless of our life circumstances. What works for one will work for another.

13. Use your mental faculties

One of the key differences between humans and other animals is our mental faculties.

There are 6 mental faculties, or you could say, gifts, that we have available to us. A highly recommend you master these areas. They are:

  • Memory
  • Reason
  • Will
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Perception

These mental faculties are powerful tools that enable you to truly create the life you want to live. I’d suggest Bob’s program that teaches these in-depth called Magic in Your Mind.

14. Improve your self-image

Your self-image is probably the most powerful piece that will determine how happy and how well you do in life. This also comes from Maxwell Maltz book, Psycho-Cybernetics as discussed already.

You want to make it a priority to change your self-image so that it serves you. This can be through visualization, affirmations, gratitude, deep meditations, and repetition of all of these.

15. Surround yourself with greatness

With your desire to improve all aspects of life, it requires you to upgrade your inner circle and to add mentors to your life. It doesn’t mean that you have to cut important people out, but it does mean you need to pay close attention to who is influencing you.

Investing in yourself is one of the greatest things you can spend your time and money on. This will speed up the rate at which you move closer to your dream life.


I have personally enjoyed putting this list together for you of some of the life lessons that Bob Proctor has taught me. Every time I go through it, I learn more about myself. Hopefully, you found some value in here. I’d love to hear what stood out for you the most. Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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