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How Identity Shifting Changed My Life

identity shifting past and present transformation

The Importance of Identity-Based Goals

Asking yourself "who am I?" is not an easy question to answer, is it? This is because our idea of who we are and who we think we are is a construct of all of our past experiences, memories, belief patterns, and experiences. Formed by things we've done in our life, the skills we've learned, the challenges we've faced, and our personality type. We bring all of these things together and we call it an identity. Today I'm going to share how identity shifting changed my life and how it can do the same for you.

If you go back to when you were a kid, maybe you had one, two, three, four, five, or even more identities. Perhaps you blended in like a chameleon, just like I did. You would have different friend groups and you would try to fit into the social constructs. Kids don’t like being different. They want to feel liked and part of a group. Because of this, we adopt the necessary identities to fit into that role.

When it comes to lasting change and creating a big transformation in your life, what I've come to realize from my own experience is that identity shifting is the key piece.

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How experiences shape identity

A few years ago, I read this particular book by Lewis Howes, "The Mask of Masculinity". This book resonated with me a lot because Lewis talks about several masks that you wear, especially as a guy growing up, and I'm sure it's the same for women too. But there are a couple of masks, in particular, that resonated a lot with me when I was younger. One of them being the Joker mask.

I wore this mask, or identity as you call it, because for me, in some parts of my life, that's how I wanted to fit in. That was my way of avoiding being bullied, of trying to get along with more people, and I'd blend in. I didn't like conflict, and I didn't like discomfort, so I would do whatever I could to adapt to the situation, which is pretty normal.

Then, as you get a little bit older, this forms your experiences in life. This is because, ultimately, what happens is it creates beliefs in you, it creates deeply rooted programming which is influenced from a young age. So, up until about the age of seven, you're very influenced by your surroundings, what you get told, the information that comes in, and you start to fit in and see who am I in this world, where do I fit in, what's my identity, how can I get along safely, how can I find my place and move forwards in life.

Perhaps you can recall the masks that you once wore, or continue to wear.

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What is shifting identities?

Identity shifting is about transforming one's mental construct (self-image) to the type of person one wants to become. It's about seeing where you are now and seeing what you need to change. From there, you can make decisions to help you move forward to the new ideal. You build the mental image of the person you want to become and then act as if you are that person.

Most people go wrong because they try to force a desirable goal without shifting their self-image and identity. A person who earns 7 figures per year does so because they think, feel, and act in certain ways. This concept was discussed in the classic self-help book, The Science of Getting Rich.

When you change your identity, you start to see yourself as the type of person who can achieve your goals and then your actions naturally follow. To truly transform, you must first shift your beliefs about yourself, and your values, then envision what's possible. This is the essence of the identity piece, and it's what sets successful people apart from those who struggle to create lasting change in their lives.

How Identity Shifting Change My Life

If I could share one topic for someone to learn to make the most impact in their life, it would be identity shifting. Yep, it’s a bold claim, but it’s true. You’ll benefit greatly by spending the time to get honest with yourself. Where are you currently at? What beliefs are holding you back? Which things need to change? Build the image, write it down, and craft a beautiful vision for your life. Now you’re ready to ingrain the new image into your subconscious mind and see the results in your life.

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