The 7 Levels of Awareness

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Awareness is a key factor to the progress that we make in all areas of life.  If we aren’t aware of something, then we cannot learn and grow from it, no doubt – we would remain bound to our current conditioning.  Fortunately, a mentor of mine named Bob Proctor taught me the 7 levels of awareness a few years back.  And it is something that has helped me to expand my mind and progress into a better version of myself.  Now I’d like to share it with you. Understanding the 7 levels of awareness will:

  • Improve your quality of life
  • Enable you to grow into a better version of yourself
  • Give you a better understanding of others behaviors
  • Give you feedback on the distance between where you are, and where you’d like to be

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Expand Your Awareness

Have you ever experienced a situation where you feel that no matter what you say or do, the other person to whom you’re talking with just doesn’t get you? Perhaps you use the phrase “we’re not on the same page”. Oftentimes, this is because our awareness is not in alignment with the other persons.  Through study, we can expand our awareness and further develop the mind.  Ultimately, this will lead to a better quality of life in all areas.


We are creatures of habit and frequently live on autopilot without thinking too much about certain things.  But when we start to ponder new possibilities, become curious, and open to things – our lives start to feel more interesting. With increased awareness, we can start to incorporate new habits that will become as simple as brushing our teeth.  Think about this an example…  We brush our teeth daily, with very little thought.  We get to choose what we want to add to our lives.  And the awareness of that alone is awesome!

The 7 Levels of Awareness are:

1.  ANIMAL – Fight or Flight

The first stage of awareness is the animal stage.  We tend to react to things and don’t consider much else other than our basic survival instincts. But we now live in a time where we are able to create whatever life we choose to live, moving far beyond the basics of survival.  And the only way to do that is to level up through increasing your awareness.

2.  MASS – Follow the masses

Stage 2 is where we become slightly more aware and recognize others.  But we don’t go much further past that, so we tend to follow what others do.  This involves little thinking.  We just go with the crowds and simply follow suit. Many people are at this stage for their whole lives; following the masses with no real desire to change anything.

3.  ASPIRATION – Desire for something greater

At stage 3, there is a certain level of unhappiness.  We start to think about other possibilities and aspire to be and to do more.  But we feel stuck because we don’t know how to do so. My mentor, Bob Proctor, taught me that repetition of our ideas and dreams are what triggers their movement into existence. Something that has really helped me is Bob’s weekly streaming club. This is a place where like-minded people go and learn from one of the world’s greatest thought leaders.

4.  INDIVIDUAL – Express your individual powers

This is the stage where we have discovered through experiences what it is that is unique about us.  Our talents, passions, and individual traits that sparkle from within.  We feel less need to follow others.  Now we feel some motivation, some excitement, some purpose in life.  We begin to dream. Lots of people stand here, but not all take action.  Fear holds many people back from their dreams.  They, therefore, remain bound.

5.  DISCIPLINE – The ability to give yourself a command and stick to it

At stage 5 we are super pumped!  But dreams are just dreams without action.  So how do we move forward to the next stage?  Once we set ourselves a goal, we must become disciplined for its attainment.  This is where we will often fall down or procrastinate.  We are living on old paradigms, and little-by-little, we are changing them for the better.

6.  EXPERIENCE – Actions = Results

Our experiences in life give us direct feedback about our thoughts, feelings, and actions.  In other words, the results we get are a direct reflection of our frequent thoughts.  The awareness of this is HUGE.  Because now we have the choice to focus on what we want instead of what we don’t want.  This means we have the power to change our results!

7.  MASTERY – Respond, think, and plan

Of course, the mastery stage is where I believe we should all strive for.  No more do we react to situations and circumstances.  We are calm and collected.  If problems arise, we don’t panic; we search within for resolve and plan the next steps.  Mastery is the ultimate level of awareness.  We realize that we are our own masters and that all the power we ever need to change the quality of our lives, already lies within us.

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It’s time to have a better quality of life, once and for all

As you were reading, you probably started to think about where you are in your own life. How does it make you feel? Are you going in the direction that you want? What changes do you need to make in your life? Study the 7 levels of awareness and start to build a picture in your mind of the life you’d like to live.  Pencil down your passions, discover your talents and plan your future for success.

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