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10 Self-Discovery Questions That You Need to Ask Yourself

There are many self-discovery questions that you could ask yourself on your journey to a better and more meaningful life, but I want to share just 10 important ones with you that you can begin to think about today.

Understanding what makes you tick, why you’re here, what fires you up, and what keeps you awake at night are all important things to know.

In order for us to design our lives and fully take charge, we need to max out in every way we can. This can lead to unwanted conversations with ourselves about certain things. But in order to take that next step to a new level in life, we must challenge ourselves and step outside of comfort on a consistent basis.

Let’s get a pen and paper and begin the self-discovery questions. Alternatively, grab yourself one of these awesome journals.

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1. What makes me truly happy?

Happiness is relative to the individual. It is something that all of us are seeking more of in life, in whatever ways we believe will give us happiness.

Unfortunately, many people believe that chasing shiny objects will fulfill them, but it never does. Happiness comes from within yourself. What do you love to do? What makes you smile? What makes the time fly by? 

Try to think deeply about what truly makes you happy in life. I guarantee it isn’t some destination in the future. Although having nice things can certainly help, it won’t be the route of your happiness. This comes from a deep understanding of yourself.

2. What gifts do I have to share with the world?

Your gifts are probably something you already know about. Others may come to you for help or advice on it already. We are all born with something to give and share with the world.

Think about what you’re really good at and what you’re doing in a state of flow.

3. If money were no object, how would I choose to use my time?

Seriously, picture yourself never having to go and work to make money again. How would you like to spend your time? I’m talking about once you’ve been on the several vacations you’re thinking about right now.

Many people would still choose to work because their meaningful work is their passion. This is a great thing to learn about yourself. You can then see how different it is from what you currently do and if you actually need the amount of financial freedom you think you need to make it a reality.

4. What things do I value the most in my life?

One of the quickest ways to become unhappy is to consistently live out of alignment with your values. Therefore, it’s imperative that you actually know what you value.

If you value your health and well-being but consistently go out drinking alcohol, there is going to be some miss-alignment.

Try writing a list of words that resonate with you and then break them down further. You can check out this post I made about finding your personal core values.

5. What is my purpose in life?

I know this is a difficult question and you may not be able to answer it right away. It is something that I actually recommend taking some time thinking about.

Another way of putting it is do you feel like you’re getting out of bed each day with a vision, a goal, a desire for your life? Or do you feel like you’re just getting by?

Your purpose will be something that you feel drawn towards. You feel its pull and excitement.

6. What are my tendencies in times of difficulty and struggle?

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It’s all well and good to focus on everything positive, but we’re human beings and we have difficulties too. How do you act in those times? What is different? How do you feel? Do you feel in control? Are there a lot of negative thoughts? Are you self-destructive in any way?

Understanding yourself at your lowest will give you massive power to overcome things in life. It will give you clarity around your struggles and enable you to make changes to grow.

Overcome your own limitations and create a new life by downloading this free belief blueprint.

7. How do I feel about myself as a person?

This is one of the most important questions you can ever ask yourself. No matter what success you may have or how fondly others think of you, none of it matters if you don’t feel good in your own skin.

Are you kind to yourself? Do you have any negative self-talk or do you affirm good things in your life?

Be very careful with the language that you use in your life, especially about yourself. Our consistent thoughts will create our future reality.

"Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure."

Tony Robbins

8. What is my favorite flavor of emotion?

Whether we believe it or not, we tend to have a most common emotion that we feel, good or bad. It may not be our ideal choice, but if it is familiar and comfortable then we can still remain there.

Gain an awareness of this and start to recognize where you spend most of your time. From there you can ask yourself if it is serving you or if you'd like to change that. We always have a choice.

9. Which 5 people do I spend the most time with and what are they like?

We are influenced by the people in our life, and especially those who we spend the most time with. It’s difficult to admit, but sometimes our peer group is not the same peer group we should be hanging around if we want to take our life to a new level.

Make a list of the people you spend time with the most. What are their qualities that you admire? What is the time like that you spend together? Is it good for you or moving you away from your dreams?

10. What am I most grateful for in my life?

Ask yourself this every single day. Gratitude is the antidote to a lot of pain in life. When you can find gratitude in what you have, you give space for what can come in. I honestly believe the practice of gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do for your overall well-being.

10 self-discovery questions that you need to ask yourself

Now you have some questions to dive deep and explore important things about yourself, as well as ways that you can grow.

If you want to create inner freedom in your life and become the best person you can possibly be, then schedule a complimentary discovery call.

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