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How To Get Clarity On What You Want In Life


Let’s talk about how to get clarity on what you want in life so that you can stop frustrated and getting stuck.

I understand how it feels to be in that place, and I’m delighted to be able to help you make some positive shifts in your life.

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Step 1 – Find clarity in your life through imperfect action

Perfectionism is an incredibly common part of people’s lives. In some cases, that mentality can be a good thing. However, it also has a lot of negative connotations.

Being able to let go of the idea that you’re not quite ready, will free you an enormous amount of mental headspace. This will help the process of allowing you to gain clarity.

It is through imperfect action that you will gain feedback, which lets you know what you do and don’t want.

Waiting for the perfect moment (it doesn’t exist), you’re going to remain stuck in the same position 12 months from now, two years from now.

Step 2 – Ask yourself thought-provoking questions

tony robbins

The quality of your life is a direct reflection of the quality of the questions you are asking yourself” ― Anthony Robbins

Dive deep and find out what makes you tick. Do you know what you love doing?

Here are a few questions to get you started.

1. Who are you at your best?

2. What are you doing when you’re the happiest?

3. How would your best friends describe you when you’re in your zone?

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You can get your Ikigai worksheet alongside a bunch of other tools in my free mindset mastery toolkit.

Once you’re ready to ask some questions, grab a coffee and find a quiet space. Please spend some time and don’t rush through them. It may be that you want to go for a walk and ponder them when you’re out in nature.

Whatever works best for you.

Step 3 – Create a vision for your life

Having a vision for your life is extremely powerful.

People like to complain about not being in a different place in their life, but often don’t even know what that place looks like.

Think Big! As David J Schwartz talks about in his incredible book, The Magic of Thinking Big.

Remove all limitations of what you think is possible and take some time to dream!

Think about the relationships, your income, your health, your business, and lifestyle…

What do you really want?

Once you have a clear vision for your life, you can then self-reflect and see where you’re currently at. From here, you can set clear and specific goals to help you move towards that vision.

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Step 4 – Journal for clarity

Daily journaling is another incredible way to clear up some mental headspace. It is something that Tim Ferriss speaks about a lot and how much it has helped him in his life. I also personally do this each morning as part of my morning ritual.

Better Self offers a great journal designed for this type of self-discovery work.

This type of work will show you how to get clarity on what you want in life because it happens during the process of doing so.

Expressing your thoughts and emotions on paper will uncover patterns for you. You’ll begin to notice the typical things you think about what you want to express.

Grab your Better Self Journal here.

Step 5 – Identify your personal core values

Understanding what you value is a vital factor when it comes to your happiness.

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That’s because, when we live in alignment with what matters most, it feels good.

If you know that honesty is one of your top values, but you keep experiencing people in your life being dishonest, it will feel painful for you.

I spoke in another post about how to find your personal core values.

If you knew that you couldn’t fail at anything in your life, there were no limitations, and you had complete freedom to go after everything you’ve ever wanted, what would that look like?

Most people wouldn’t think of attempting to answer this question because they write off the possibility of it happening.

But we are incredibly powerful beings with limitless potential. When we learn to use our mental faculties, we can begin to create an ideal future. I spoke of these mental faculties in another post, which you can read here.


I truly hope these ideas have helped you to learn how to get clarity on what you want in life.

If you feel as though you’re stuck and keep experiencing the same problems, then it could be worthwhile considering working with a coach.

Human beings are great at staying comfortable and surviving. But the truth is, we have so much untapped potential to truly make big shifts in our lives. And if you are serious about personal growth and reaching your potential, then you can apply for a discovery call where I will hop on a call with you and help you get clear about the vision for your life.

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