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Useful Hacks For Everyday Life (Time & Energy)

useful hacks for everyday life

Who doesn't want some useful hacks for everyday life? Especially when it comes to 2 very important things - time and energy.

Seriously, what would your life look like if you take back an extra hour or 2 each day? And if you had the energy to do all of the things that you wanted to do. If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that people waste energy and time like nothing else. (Maybe money ?). That’s why today I want to show you how to hack your life for more time and energy.

Time is a precious commodity and we don’t know how much left we have. That period between the day you were born and the day you die is always ticking. That’s why it’s so important to ensure we make the most out of each moment.

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Get a consistent sleep routine

Sleep is probably the number one thing in your life that you’ll know about when you miss it. It’s a non-negotiable to miss your sleep.

One of the most powerful things that you can do is train your body into a consistent sleep schedule. Waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day will do wonders for your overall energy and well-being.

It’s the inconsistencies, poor environment, and bad habits before bed that are taking a toll on your health.

If you make one change, do this one.

Stop doing things you hate

Why in the heck would anybody do things they hate, right? Well, many of us do. And I understand that there are times in life when it is necessary to do so. But the more things you do that you don’t like doing, the more you’ll feel drained and uninspired.

Try this:

For 1 week, track what you do for every hour of the day. I’d suggest breaking it up into 15 or 30-minute chunks. The easiest way to do this would be to make a quick Google Sheets listing Monday-Friday, followed by the hours of the day.

For every time chunk, write down 2 things.

  • What you were doing - i.e. walking, on your phone, exercising, office work, etc...
  • Write down how inspired you felt to do that particular task from 1-10.

After a week, it’ll become very clear how much time you’re spending on stuff you don’t like.

Ultimately, the more things you do that you like and the less you do of the things you dislike, the more inspired, energized, and happier you will feel.

Prioritise your health

You must prioritise your health and wellness. I’ve spoken about how health is my number 1 value in the past, and it remains that way. Without your health, nothing else matters.

If you aren’t doing things to optimize your health and wellness, you’re missing out, massively. This includes things such as eating a well-balanced diet, exercising, optimizing your sleep, managing your stress, and so on.

People will often say things like “I’ll focus on my health and wellness once I get more free time to do it.”

But you know what? This approach is completely wrong. When you focus on your health first, you’ll be in a much better place to achieve all of the other things that you want because you’ll have a full cup.

I mean, who wouldn’t want more productivity, energy, time, happiness, alignment, and life balance, and you’ll be able to connect and enjoy precious time with loved ones.

Here’s something to consider. There are things in your life that zap your energy and there are also things that give you energy. Begin to focus on these and become aware of them.

Schedule Everything

I’m talking about, everything. A work project, gym session, hang out with friends, grocery store trip - add them all. Even if you want some time to do absolutely nothing, schedule it.

When you do this you will naturally begin to respect your time much more and follow the things that you have listed. The majority of people are wasting enormous amounts of time without clear focus. This leaves us open to having our energy and time drained by external sources.

It will also give you clarity around what you do and don’t like when you have clear tasks, activities, and hobbies.

Please remember that you can set goals, take action, and make progress when you feel motivated. Scheduling things will enable you to stay consistent when you don’t feel like doing things. And usually, when you don’t feel like doing it, that’s when you should do it.

Limit Screen time

You may want to consider restricting yourself from certain apps and websites during specific times of the day. (Hint - when you should be doing other stuff).

This isn’t for me or anyone else to tell you what you should and shouldn’t be doing, but rather, an opportunity for you to self-reflect. If you go onto your phone, you should be able to see how much time you’re spending on certain apps. I bet there are several free hours a week you could squeeze out if you needed to. In order to beat procrastination, you must first understand the cause of it.

Another way that your energy can be drained here is by spending your time on social media and comparing yourself to others. Watching people’s lives through a specific filter that they want to show you will give many people a feeling of insignificance. Somehow, this random person has a magical life with no problems. Firstly, this isn’t true. And secondly, this will do much more than waste your time and drain your energy.

Useful hacks for everyday life

If you do these things, you absolutely will improve your overall energy and manage to squeeze more time out of your day.

And don’t forget to download your free health and energy cheat sheet.

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