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5 Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back from A More Balanced Life


What are some of my limiting beliefs that might be holding me back?

By midday, you may find yourself feeling so eager to get into bed at night. It’s been a long day, there’s so much happening, and quite frankly, you feel exhausted. I’m sure you’d like more balance, energy, and success, right? (While equally having more time and less stress) But is it possible? I’m going to share with you 5 limiting beliefs that are holding you back from a more balanced life.

We live in a busy world full of distractions, shiny objects, and things that capture our attention from every angle. And because of this, it’s no wonder many people are burnt out, stuck, and ready for a good old nap.

Let’s address these limiting beliefs.


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1. You think you need to hustle yourself to the ground every day to succeed.

The truth is, this is a much faster way to burn yourself out and fall - the opposite of what you want to achieve.

With this mentality, you’ll always feel tired, stressed out, and like you can’t take 2 minutes to catch your breath.

If a person sleeps for 8 hours each night, 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping.

Then, work 8 hours per day. That’s another 1/3 of your life is spent working.

That leaves you with just 8 hours to do all of the other things. The final 1/3 of your life for - Commuting, cleaning, showering, cooking, eating, exercising, connecting with loved ones, learning, socializing, etc.)

Can you now see how precious your time is? It’s important to prioritize what is important right now.

2. You think that once you get A, B, and C, then you’ll have time for X, Y, and Z.

I have been here myself many times. It’s this idea that, in the future, we think we’ll have more time.

“When I make that extra income per month.”

“When I get that job promotion.”

“Once I finish a home project, I’ll have more time for the gym and be able to eat healthier.”

We have this false idea that sometime in the future, things will be better for us. It’s simply not true. We must take that action today.

If you don’t know what is important to you, I recommend going through this personal core values exercise.

Doing this will give you clarity around what is meaningful and you can choose to let go of the other stuff.

3. You don’t believe it’s possible to achieve balance while going after your most ambitious goals.

Great effort will indeed be required to achieve certain levels of success. However, there is a fine line.

I have personally met extremely successful people, who also have a great balance in their life. I have a friend who told me that a big part of his success came because he was able to stay grounded and make time to do the things that truly matter.

This can give a sense of renewed energy, a fresh perspective, and increase motivation. It certainly did for me.

Finding balance right now will enable you to feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally. And ultimately, this is going to give you more energy to have an even greater chance of succeeding in all aspects of your life.

4. You don’t believe you have the time or energy to make it all click

A scattered mind is going to throw you off in many ways. You’re already feeling drained. How the heck are you going to find more time and energy?

In another post, I shared a great exercise that will help you prioritize tasks. You can check that out on the link below.

Read: What To Do If You Feel Overwhelmed With Life

Most of the time, people are spending unnecessary time doing things they don’t want to or need to be doing. Knowing this will truly free up mental headspace and physical energy.

5. You don’t believe you have a choice

Notice when you use language that makes you feel attached to the tasks.

“I must do this”

“I have to do this”

“I need to do this”

We all use these phrases in our life. All of these phrases imply that you’re obligated to do the thing, which is a disempowering place to come from. It doesn’t make you feel free.

Instead, consider using phrases such as:

“I get to”

“I love doing”

“I choose to”

This is your life and you get to decide. Don’t allow your limiting beliefs to hold you back.

If you were to say, “I must do this and if I don’t then…… will happen”

What is the belief you hold about it? If you dig deep enough, past several layers, it often comes back to not feeling enough as you are.

5 limiting beliefs that are holding you back from a more balanced life

You deserve to live a healthy, happy, and free life. Success is possible without burning yourself to the ground. Remember, examine your internal chatter and limiting beliefs. You have the power to show up however you want to. Take the time to learn and develop a growth mindset to truly help you make lasting change.

If you’re ready to take a big step forward and breakthrough those internal barriers, I can help you. Book a complimentary discovery call where we can talk about your challenges, goals, and a plan to make it happen.

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